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Smart Home Solutions That Keep You Informed

Security systems of the past acted as a deterrent or sounded an alarm to scare off trespassers or potential burglars. With today’s technology, MHP Security offers homeowners in Mississippi home security solutions that go beyond deterrents. We provide an interactive system bringing peace of mind and security with options including everything from seeing and talking to someone who’s at your front door to keeping track of when your kids get home from school, no matter where you are at any given time.

Woman programs automated home security with a digital tablet

Choose a System That’s Right for You

Every family has different needs. Are you someone who travels a lot and leaves an empty home for days or weeks at a time? Do you have children who come and go from school and extra-curricular activities while you’re at work? Do you have dog walkers or cleaning people coming to your home while you’re out? MHP Security can customize a home security solution to add comfort to situations like these.

Our Products Offer

Remote Arming

Using a smartphone, you can arm or disarm your security system from anywhere you have a cell phone signal.

Real-Time Alerts

Keep tabs on the events important to you with real-time alerts. Receive notifications when your kids get home from school or check in on them if they don’t get home when expected. If it’s a scheduled day for dog walking or your cleaning company, you’ll know when they arrived and what time they left.

Location-Based Notifications

Smart technology will notify you if you forgot to arm your home or complete another critical task related to home security after you’ve left the house.

Dedicated Cellular Connection

All products work on a dedicated cell connection so your home and family will be safe and secure even if the phone line is cut, the power is out, or the internet is down.

Easy-to-Use App

As we’ve come to expect with most digital products, our security solutions are integrated with an easy-to-use, intuitive app right on any mobile device.

Visitor Communication

Our Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell cameras allow you not only to see who is at your front door when you’re not home but have a two-way conversation with any visitor.

Our Products Are at Work for You 24/7

What customers love and what makes them feel good about our products is knowing that they are at work protecting their homes and keeping them notified 24/7. Traditional alarm systems only alert you at the time of an event. But with a home security solution from MHP Security, you will have the ability to check-in and know exactly what is happening on your property at any time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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