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Smart Energy Management Solutions in Byram, MS

MHP Security in Byram, MS specializes in integrating utilities, lights, and security systems into an all-in-one, easy-to-use app tying together convenience with energy savings. No matter where you are or how long you’re away from home, you can enjoy the comfort of having access to the controls for your home’s most essential functions. Add security, save money on bills, and protect your property with smart energy management installation by our team.

Smart Home Control with modern kitchen

What Does Energy Management Include?

Energy management offers two pieces that complement each other; smart appliances and real-time control. Smart devices, such as thermostats and lights, can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times, based on the schedule the homeowner decides on. Real-time control with smart technology uses our web app to let homeowners control lights and thermostats in real-time to turn them up, down, on, or off. Together, these offer complete control of home utility energy equipment 24/7 from anywhere you’re located.

Benefits of Home Energy Management

Money savings, helping the environment, and reducing energy consumption are all important to contributing to a sustainable future, and all three of these are direct benefits of energy management solutions by MHP Security.

Smart Thermostat

Create custom schedules and temperature presets for optimal comfort. Program it to reduce energy use when the home is set “away” to take the burden off of family members to remember to do so.

Smart Lighting

Program lights to automatically turn on when security is disabled. Create schedules when you’re away to make it look like your home rather than leaving lights on the entire time you’re gone.

Extreme Temperature Protection

Our system uses real-time weather data to adjust temperature settings, so you don't overpay on really hot or cold days.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Energy Management Today

It’s never too late to explore the benefits of energy management. from MHP Security in Terry, MS. Managing energy costs and adding home security, all while helping the environment, are things every homeowner should try to take advantage of. We are an authorized dealer and installer of products. These smart home products, paired with the app, provide a seamless user experience that is intuitive and simple to manage. Take the first step towards energy management and contact us for a consultation today.

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