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All-in-One, Fully Integrated Smart Home Security Systems

MHP Security offers technologically-advanced security systems that are fully integrated and customized to each home, allowing users to operate them from anywhere using a smartphone. More than an alarm system, our security features added comforts like receiving alerts when people enter your home, having two-way conversations with visitors at your front door, and arming and disarming capability from anywhere you have a cell signal. We’ve got you covered 24/7.

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The MHP Security Advantage

While the products we install allow you to monitor activity on your property, their ability goes beyond keeping an eye on your property. At MHP Security, safety and protection are at the forefront of everything we do.

What We Offer

24/7 Protection

A system that’s always on and always protecting.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Monitoring systems alert you of any smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide, even when you’re not home.

Constant Monitoring

With our cellular connection, no power outage, line cutting, or internet failure will disrupt your protection.

Remote Access

Forget to lock a door, turn on an alarm, or close the garage? Remote access allows you to complete tasks while away from home.

First Responder Alerts

In an emergency, your monitoring service will alert police, fire, or ambulance

Pre-Programmed Settings

No need to go through the whole routine of shutting down your home every night at bedtime; with programming, one tap of the button will arm the house, turn off lights, and lock the doors.

Unusual Activity Alerts

It’s not always an obvious break-in that needs to be reported. Stay up to date on doors left open or any other unusual activity day or night.

Woman holding smart phone with launched security application at home

We Are Security System Experts

Our company offers full-service security system product services. Our team of experts handles everything from your initial consultation to the sale, final installation, and tutorial about your new products. We don’t use any outside contractors. We specialize in alarms and security, so you can be confident knowing you’re working with the most knowledgeable team regarding security system products.

Schedule a Security System Consultation

As an authorized dealer, MHP Security offers the best of both worlds in an alarm company. You’ll get the technology and reliability of a nationally recognized product and the personal touch and customer service from a locally owned and operated business. Contact our team to schedule a consultation to learn more about protecting your home today.

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