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Proactive Surveillance Systems With Live Video Monitoring

Traditional surveillance video provides assistance when trying to piece together what happened after an incident, but what if you could stop an event before it happens? With video monitoring technology from MHP Security, homeowners in Mississippi can. More effective than a standalone video, our technology allows you to receive alerts and see every important moment in live time. Contact our team of surveillance experts for a consultation about our affordable products and how they can work for you.


Protect the Areas That Matter Most

Our surveillance system products are versatile and cover the areas of your property most important to you. Maybe you don’t need coverage for every square foot of your home or yard. Wherever you need a set of eyes, we can customize the perfect solution for you. Choose products that cover.


Not only can you monitor inside for any break-ins, but our cameras offer peace of mind by providing clips of the family arriving home safely and offer a convenient way to chat directly through the camera.


Customize your alerts to focus on specific areas of your property, visitors, animals, and even vehicles. The smart technology can differentiate between these and will only notify you about activity pertaining to your programmed choices.

Front Door

Front door cameras offer the ability to communicate with visitors even when you’re not home and unlock doors to grant entry and lock doors when needed.

The Advantages of Surveillance Products From MHP Security

The performance of a surveillance system is only as reliable as the equipment and network it runs on. How is the quality of the video? Can you see anything at night? Is the footage easily accessible? Our technology and products perform better than the competition and come with many benefits, including:

Live Streaming Video Directly on Your Smartphone

Check-in on your property in real-time from anywhere at any time.

HD Quality

High-definition streaming and recording provide a clear picture of everything going on.

Safeguarded Storage

Our offsite storage is a cloud-based system using wireless communication and provides tamper-resistant technology, so your footage is always secure.

Video Analytics

Advanced technology differentiates between people, animals, and vehicles. Get notified if a visitor lingers at your door, a car pulls in the driveway, or your pet gets into or out of something it shouldn’t.

Lowlight Performance

Whether it’s nighttime or the lights are off, see the images important to monitor.

Stream Video Recorder (SVR)

The SVR allows for continuous 24/7 HD recording, so you never miss a thing.

Alert Customization

You can customize your surveillance notifications to alert you of open or unlocked doors and other activities. Choose from push notifications or email alerts and customize by time, day, camera, and motion.

Video Doorbell Camera

The Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell camera shows you who is coming to your door and offers two-way communication with visitors.

Let Us Customize a Surveillance Solution for You

Today’s surveillance systems do a lot more than the record from positioned cameras in hopes of identifying burglars or vandals. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of monitoring your property in real-time with customized options. Get alerts regarding visitors, vehicles, and animal activity when you’re not home. Contact our team today for a consultation on surveillance system sales and installation.

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