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Untangle the Mess With Data Cabling By MHP Security

Whether you’re a residential home with a small modem, router, and computer or a large office with a robust IT infrastructure, a neat and organized layout of your cables and wires is essential to the function and safety of any computer network. MHP Security in Byram, MS has years of experience with proper data cabling to keep your network wires out of sight yet easily accessible and properly labeled so you can get to them when you need to. Contact us to learn more about data cabling services today.

Closeup of colored computer network cables connected to a switch

Benefits of Proper Data Cabling

At home or at work, you may think once your computer is set up and the wires are kicked out of the way, you have nothing to worry about. The truth is, having a structured cabling design by a professional company comes with many benefits making life easier if a problem arises.

Structured Cabling Design by a Professional Company

Less Downtime

With proper data cabling, it’s easier to access and identify cables to troubleshoot and solve different IT and connectivity issues. You’ll spend less time looking for the problem and avoid a lot of frustration and headaches.


As your network grows and evolves, you’ll be able to easily add and enhance certain areas quicker as technology advances and changes.


Our data cabling process is simple and straightforward, allowing you to make changes and additions easily without decoding and figuring out a complex setup.

Less Clutter

Our organized approach neatly keeps cables and wires out of the way and fed through walls where applicable. If not appropriately arranged, wires can be a tripping hazard or cause expensive hardware to be pulled off desks or tables.

Residential and Business Data Cabling Experts

MHP Security offers various services for homes and businesses to make life and work safer, easier, and more efficient. Our data cabling for commercial and residential settings in Mississippi is no different. Our team can provide you with an organized configuration of data cables and wiring that is easy to access, identify, and replace if you ever need to. Contact our locally owned and operated team of specialists today to schedule a consultation for your data cabling services.

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